UCDSU Sabbatical Team 2012/2013 Elected

The UCDSU sabbatical team for the academic year 2012/2013 has been elected. Rachel Breslin was deemed President-elect with 3,744 votes, with RON receiving 621 votes. Breslin expressed her gratitude to her campaign team: "There are no words for a day like this except to be full of gratitude for you.” Eoin Heffernan, the only other candidate running in an uncontested race, was elected incoming Ents Officer, securing 3,776 votes while RON received 557 votes. RON was eliminated from the Welfare race after the first count, while the second count saw Mícheál Gallagher elected as incoming Welfare Officer, beating Enda Conway with 2,187 votes to 2,051, with RON securing a total of 186 votes. Education saw both Patrick Wolohan and RON eliminated on the first count, with a close-fought race between Sam Geoghegan and Shane Comer seeing Comer edge to success with 1,778 votes compared to Geoghegan’s 1,466.Campaigns and Communications was undoubtedly the most tightly contested race of the election. After RON’s elimination in the first round, Karl Gill and Aisling Sheerin were eliminated in the second with 592 and 674 votes respectively, leaving James Atkinson and Paddy Guiney to continue on to a third count. Transfers saw Atkinson’s 1,505 votes increase to 1,861 and Guiney’s 1,607 to 1,951. With a bare ninety votes between the two contestants, Atkinson, as the losing candidate, called for a recount. The recount saw the difference rise by two votes to ninety-two as Atkinson's votes dropped to 1,859 and Guiney was officially declared as elected incoming Campaigns and Communications Officer.The Constitutional Referendum was passed, with 2,827 ‘Yes’ votes exceeding 1,176 ‘No’ votes, ensuring that the new proposed constitution will come into effect for the next academic year. SU President and member of the Constitutional Review Committee, Pat de Brún commented that this would lead to a “financially stable Union”. The amendments to the structure of the Sabbatical Officer team will be excluded from this enactment, as candidates have already been elected to sabbatical positions that exist only under the former Constitution. These changes will instead come into effect for the following year.Photography by David Nowak