UCDSU Remove General Manager

UCD Students' Union (UCDSU) have announced that they are removing the position of General Manager from their staff structure. A statement released today has referred to the move as a "delayering process" and indicated that the move had been approved by the President and Board of UCDSU following recommendations from an external review.Philip Mudge, who has held the General Manager position since its creation in the Summer of 2013, confirmed the move on a Facebook tied to the General Manager office, saying "I'm leaving UCDSU" in a status. It is currently understood by the University Observer that the position has already been vacated by Mudge.The position was originally created with an aim of ensuring continuity within the Union as elected representatives changed each year. It as a part of a set of reforms, including the incorporation of the Union, which are broadly seen to have been a response to the debt crisis the Union experienced during the 2011-2012 academic year. Mudge took over the role following three year as the General Manager of University of Limerick's Students' Union.The statement pointed to the influence of funding issues in the decision. UCDSU President Feargal Hynes is quoted as saying "We have taken a number of steps to constantly improve our governance structure and to make sure that even with our current significant financial constraints, that we can better serve our underfunded core functions such as the student welfare provision and overall that we are still serving our core purpose, to be the official representative body for the students in UCD.” The decision is anticipated to be discussed at tonight's Students' Union council.Hynes added that "He would like to take this opportunity to thank the General Manager for his commitment and service to UCDSU and wish him well in his future endeavours”Information on UCDSU's website's 'Staff' section relating to Mudge has yet to be updated to reflect this change, and currently says of Mudge that "His experience and passion for Students’ Unions is a highly prized asset in the Union and we look forward to having Philip on board for the foreseeable future."