UCDSU receive over 400 applications for receptionist position

The Students’ Union have received “over 400” applications for a receptionist and personal assistant job advertised on jobs.ie for the last two weeks. The job has been advertised as a full time, permanent position, following a probationary period of six months, and has a salary of  €24,000 per annum.UCDSU President Breslin has mixed feelings about the quantity of applications for the position. “I think that it really is a testament to the fact that there are so many people, and a lot of them sadly are graduates of UCD, people with masters and excellent degrees, who cannot get a job elsewhere. I think it’s a real indication and very symbolic of the situation that we’re in currently with high youth unemployment. So many of the applicants are young, they’ve just graduated or have had very short-term jobs elsewhere… In a sense it’s very good for us, that we can get such a great person, but from a Students’ Union prospective, it really highlights the difficulties that qualified, skilled graduates are having in finding suitable or any employment.”The job has recently become available as the current receptionist is joining the Union’s team of accountants, as she “has been working in reality in that area for quite some time.” The job description has also been altered to account for changed in the new Constitution. Breslin said: “We’re looking for someone to fulfil that job and be a face of the Union, and not only that but there’s been a change in the layout of the reception. It’s more open … but also, the Constitution has eliminated the role of C&C so we wanted to make sure that the new person will be  fully proficient in social media and in using technology to communicate with people so they can fulfil some of those functions, so that’s what we’ve been looking for.”Applications for the position closed on September 4th. Breslin will be shortlisting the applicants and calling people for interviews over the coming weeks. “I am currently sifting through them to find the most suitable person but I have no doubt that we will get an excellent person and we will find someone who will be a great fit into our team… Applications are closed so it should be quite quick from here on in.”