Candidates confirmed for UCDSU presidential election

Four candidates will compete in the race for President of UCD Students' Union this year. All candidates submitted their documentation, including their 150 signatures of student support, to the SU returning officer by last night's 6pm deadline. The election, which is to be held on March 3rd and 4th, has seen uncontested presidential races in many recent years, making this year's wide field an exceptional showing.All four candidates are well known on campus, with Marcus O'Halloran and Megan Fanning auditors of large faculty societies, while Michael Foley is a former treasurer of the Literary & Historical Society, as well as an assistant manager of UCD's Community Musical. Cian Aherne is a class rep and also competed in last year's SU sabbatical officer elections, losing the race for Welfare and Equality Officer to Maeve DeSay. We spoke to all four candidates about their experience and reasons for running. [hr]Marcus O’HalloranCourse: 4th Year Agri-BusinessExperience: Auditor, AgSoc.“I want to run for the president because I want to unite UCD again and make the Union everybody’s Union.” [hr]  Cian Ahearne EditedCian AherneCourse: 3rd Year Actuarial and Financial StudiesExperience: Class Rep“My endeavours in UCD up to now have been to improve the general student experience in UCD, and this is probably the most fulfilling way I can continue in that vein.” [hr] Megan Fanning - SU President raceMegan FanningCourse: 2nd Year EconomicsExperience: Auditor, Economics Society. Secretary, Young Fine Gael. Former news editor of the University Observer.“I founded the Economics Society back last year and was elected auditor and saw the impact that that could make on campus. Now I want to bring that to the next level and make an impact on how students live.” [hr]Michael Foley - SU raceMichael FoleyCourse: 4th Year Business & LawExperience: Former treasurer, L&H (2012/2013). Assistant production manager, UCD community musical (Phantom of the Opera).“As someone who’s been around UCD for four years, I’ve seen an awful lot while working with Student Services and with societies. I’ve seen what’s worked well with the Students’ Union, what hasn’t worked well, and everything in between.”