UCDSU issue warning over spiking

UCDSU have issued a warning, asking students to be vigilant with regard to “drink spiking and spiking via injection.”

They have asked young people to be careful, with the reopening of Dublin nightlife accompanying the rise in reported instances of spiking. UCDSU have said they have received reports of “potential instances of spiking during the first semester.” 

The importance of not allowing conversation on the topic of spiking lean towards victim blaming was also stressed by the Students' Union, who made reference to the “unhelpful and inappropriate campaign” that was launched by Durham University. The campaign included the hashtag #dontgetspiked, which put the blame back on the victims of spiking. UCDSU Welfare Officer Molly Greenough reiterated the importance of avoiding victim blaming “it is vital to emphasise that the onus never lies on the victim to not be spiked, but rather on the perpetrator to not commit such a heinous crime.”

Greenough argued that it would be more effective to educate students with the “knowledge to better help (them) protect themselves and look out for their friends.” UCDSU’s Gender Equality Campaign Co-ordinator, Niamh Scully also asserted the importance of collective responsibility to look after other students “we now more than ever have to be aware of the dangers of going out and how we can best look out for each other and have the best experience possible.” 

UCDSU is encouraging students who think they or a friend have been spiked to refer to HSE guidance for more information.