UCDSU hold first Council of academic year

The first council of the academic year was held on Wednesday, 9th October, a week later than is constitutionally mandated. The first council of the year is often more of an introduction for the new class reps, and no major decisions were made, nor were any meaningful votes taken. As of the first council, no secretary had been appointed, nor were minutes from the last council available, and as such they could not be approved.

Healthy UCD gave a brief speech at the beginning, asking class reps and college officers to be proactive in getting the message of healthy eating into each school.

Each of the sabbatical officers gave their reports. The reports mainly consisted of work the sabbatical officers had done over the summer period. All reports were approved by the council.

President - Joanna Siewierska

Education- Brian Treacy

Graduate - Conor Anderson

Welfare- Úna Carroll

Campaigns and Engagement- Katie O’Dea

Entertainments- Thomas Monaghan

Each college officer took their reports as read and encouraged their class reps to add them on Facebook. They also all encouraged the class representatives to attend training this weekend. There was some confusion around whether attendance to this was compulsory, which was clarified by Graduate Officer Conor Anderson who confirmed that while it was not compulsory, it was strongly recommended.

In ‘Any Other Business’, Jack McNicholl, a Stage 4 Class Rep for Science proposed that a subgroup be established to review how UCDSU deal with hosting events that may be in conflict with campaigns they are running. This was in reference to the controversy surrounding the Pretty Little Thing sample sale. This was ultimately not voted on after some amount of confusion as to the nature of this subgroup, and McNichols withdrew the proposal, stating that he did not want it to be rushed.