UCDSU extends voting in Class Representative Elections

UCDSU have extended the deadline for students to vote in the class representative elections until 5pm today.

The decision comes after technical issues with the online voting system wrongly informed several students that they had not registered to vote, even though they had.

Speaking to The University Observer, UCDSU Campaigns and Engagement Officer Darryl Horan stated “we had encountered issues voting in two areas, the ability to log in and incorrect registration details. The ability to log in has been successfully resolved, all students can now login once registered online. We have extended voting by a full working day until Friday at 5PM to give students the opportunity to vote”.

Horan went on to state “For anyone experiencing issues around incorrect registration, we encourage students to email Returningoffice@ucdsu.ie and our returning officer can have them re-registered in the correct constituencies. Lastly we want to apologise for the difficulties students had in voting”.

UCDSU have been using Membership Solutions Ltd since the executive elections in 2020, the first UCDSU election since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Voters faced technical issues in both that election, and in registering online for the 2021 executive elections.

MSL were contacted for comment when The University Observer first learned of the issues in the current race, but have yet to respond to a request for comment.