UCDSU Election Update; Leighton Gray leads in endorsements, Education candidates on “No-Detriment” policy, IADB approves online v

The latest news from the 2020 Students' Union elections

Leighton Gray leads in endorsements 

Endorsements from former sabbatical officers in SU races are relatively uncommon, however Leighton Gray, running against incumbent Katie O’Dea for the position of Campaigns and Engagements, has gained the public support of two previous sabbatical officers. Sharing The University Observer’s interview with Gray, Melissa Plunkett, former Welfare Officer, and Stephen Crosby, Education Officer during the same year, came out in support of Gray. Both commented on the work they did for UCD for Choice and as the LGBTQ+ Campaign Coordinator for the SU. 

Education candidates comment on “no-detriment” policy

Darryl Horan and Hannah Bryson, the two remaining candidates in the race for Education Officer have commented on the calls for a no-detriment policy to be introduced in UCD. A no-detriment policy would mean that so long as students qualify to progress or graduate based on the marks they achieve, there will be no negative impact on their GPA based off of the results from this semester's examinations and assignments.

Darryl Horan: 

“The proposal put by Students demanding the adoption of a policy of a no-detriment in UCD is a welcomed development and I would support these demands both as a candidate and in the role if I’m elected. Put simply No-Detriment would mean that so long as you pass your modules your current GPA would not be affected by this term.

“Currently UCD has amended its policies towards extenuating circumstances taking out the necessary verification process so that students can be fast tracked. But my concern is that UCD may not be able to handle 30’000 extenuating circumstances cases. Much like the policy of self advocacy for disabled students, some students may fall through the cracks and suffer academically. Instead adopting No Detriment would take account of the extraordinary and challenging conditions in which students are preparing for and taking these assessments. Offering students the safety net they need in these trying times”.

Hannah Bryson:

“I would support UCD bringing in this policy. I think it is important for the university to acknowledge that we all are working under extraordinary circumstances in terms of stress and teaching conditions. It’s crucial to protect the academic careers of students, many of which have been working hard for years and shouldn't suffer for something that is completely out of their hand by setting up this policy, students with a passing grade to finish with a final grade that’s either the same or higher than their average so far this year. This would ensure that no student’s grades are affected in the long-term”.

IADB approve online voting 

The Independent Appeals and Disciplinary Board (IADB) has given approval for online voting to take place for the Student Union elections. After the SU Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the move, the approval from IADB was the final hurdle. The online vote is expected to take place in Week 12, and will be the first time online voting will be used in an SU election.