UCDSU Election 2021:Campaigns & engagement race analysis

Running uncontested, it is incredibly unlikely that Horan will lose this race. His manifesto is ambitious, but seems achievable. Horan’s promises are all related to the nature of the campaigns he will run, not what they will achieve.

They are radical and militant in nature, which is no surprise to Union observers. His unsuccessful campaign last year for Education Officer, his work in People Before Profit, and his time as one of the most vocal and active Class Representatives this year are all indicative of a proactive left-wing project for students.

Horan will also have to be aware of the democratic legitimacy of his militant radicalism, should either Liam Coyle or Edward Leonard win the presidential race. His own victory against RON may seem an insufficient endorsement of militancy should students choose the less radical candidate in the only race where they were given a choice.

Regardless of who wins the other races, students can expect Horan to win against RON, and a year of militant campaigning on left-wing issues, such as workers rights and tenants rights. He has a strong understanding of what his role entails, and of how UCDSU, UCD, and national politics function. His main challenge will be getting the student body on board.