UCDSU Election 2021: Welfare race analysis

Molly Greenough knows her stuff. She is an experienced candidate, and passionate about all the causes a Welfare Officer should be. Greenough has a lot of positive ideas that will be great for students should they are put into action, but there are areas where she falls short.

Her awareness of the SU constitution about funding external organisations is worrisome, given her willingness to incur costs on their behalf. Her plan to make consent training mandatory for all incoming freshers is not as well planned out as voters may wish manifesto points to be. When asked how she would introduce this, she referenced expanding current Bystander Training, but did not reference any of the work currently ongoing in this area.

While Greenough’s manifesto contains several points that have not been expanded upon, her understanding that case work will be her main priority seems in line with what many previous Welfare officers have said of the role. She promised to seek training beyond what was mandated of her to improve her ability to deal with student cases.

Greenough is someone with an understanding of the importance of case work makes her a formidable candidate for Welfare Officer. A RON victory is unlikely.