UCDSU attend Le Cheile: Ireland for All march

Image Credit: Heather Reynolds

UCDSU, along with USI and Unite the Union, attended the Le Cheile: Ireland for All march on Saturday, February 19th.

The march travelled from Parnell Square to Custom House Quay, and is reported to have been attended by an estimated 50,000 demonstrators. 

Le Cheile, or Ireland for All, was organised in response to recent anti-migrant and anti-refugee action which has occurred across the island of Ireland in recent months, most notably an incident where a refugee camp was attacked by a group with dogs and baseball bats, as well as protests outside of a hotel in Ballymun which was housing refugees at the time.

The march itself was mainly focused on solidarity chants, and the rally afterwards consisted of speeches from community leaders, activists and artists, as well as musical performances. Most notably, the rally consisted of multiple calls to not let the momentum for solidarity movements die off, and to promote further action, as well as ensure that you vote in the next set of elections.

Students looking to get involved with activism on campus should contact campaigns@ucdsu.ie to learn more about active campaigns on campus.