UCDSU announces opening of class rep nominations

UCDSU have announced that nominations for the position of class representative have been opened.

In an Instagram reel posted by the union this morning, the official campaign to encourage students to run for the position was unveiled, carrying the slogan “get your reps in”.

Prospective candidates who wish to run for the position of class rep are advised to visit the SU’s official website in order to fill out the nomination form. All candidates must be supported in their bids by at least five students from within their constituency. Physical nomination forms will also be available from the SU office in the old student centre. 

Any student who wishes to vote in the elections will have to register online for the event. This will apply to all students, even those who have previously voted in a class rep election. The elections themselves will be held virtually on the 4th and 5th of October.

Speaking to the University Observer, UCDSU Campaigns and Engagement Officer Robyn O’Keeffe encouraged all students, and in particular first year students, to apply for the position. “There are a range of reasons why first years should run; it’s a great opportunity to meet people in [their] courses, organise events, and raise issues within their schools and their programmes.” Speaking of her own personal experience, O’Keeffe adds “I was a class rep in first year, and it was hands-down the best decision I made.”

She concludes that “We are a member-led organisation, and so we want as many people to run for the position as possible, so that we can have as many opinions as possible, and make sure that we’re reaching as far across the student body as possible.”

Application forms can be accessed here. Nominations for the position will close on Friday the 30th of September, at 5pm.