In the last week’s UCD Student Union’s (UCDSU) Student Council meeting, three council motions were put forward. The first motion was put forward by Sam Blanckensee, the UCDSU’s LGBTQ+ Coordinator. The motion notes that the UCDSU’s stance on marriage equality was close to expiring and recognises that the majority of UCD students support equal civil marriage.

The UCDSU will campaign strongly in favour of the equal civil marriage referendum by putting up posters and pride flags at UCDSU events until the referendum has been voted on.  The motion was seconded by Maeve DeSay, Welfare Officer of the SU and was passed upon vote.

However, Tom Williams, the 4th Year Engineering Class Representative, proposed an amendment of “where applicable”, meaning that the SU was not expected to display a pride flag at all events. The motion passed with the amendment, though was opposed by some who initially supported the motion, including Conor Rock, the SU Arts & Celtic Studies Convenor, who said that he “didn’t like the wording of the amendment” and that it “left it too open.” Rock says he doesn’t believe there’s a situation where it would be “inappropriate.” Rock has indicated he will propose a motion at the next Council meeting to determine what situations will be affected by the amendment.

In the same Council meeting, Student’s Union Executive also committed to preparing a list of food and drink available in SU shops that is Halal, Kosher or Vegan after the second motion put forward by Matthew Carroll, the SU’s International Students Coordinator, in recognition that UCD is home to many different cultures and nationalities that have specific dietary requirements and it is important to provide information as to whether certain foods can be consumed by them or not. The motion was passed with amendment to the motion, which would include “and other dietary requirements” after the listing of Halal, Kosher and Vegan.