UCDSU 2017 Election: Final Results

THE 2017 UCDSU Election has come to a close, and next year's sabbatical team is as follows: Katie Ascough (President); Eoghan Mac Domhnail (Welfare); Barry Murphy (C&C); Rob Sweeney (Education); and Niall Torris (Graduate).Ascough was elected in her four-way race after RON, Bartley, and Hart were eliminated and picked up 1,431 votes overall. In the final count, she received 113 more votes than Philip Weldon, who ultimately finished with 1318 votes. In the other of the two hotly contested races, Barry Murphy won with 1,662 votes; significantly ahead of second placed Vikki Banach who finished with 659 votes.In the third and final contested race, Rob Sweeney handily defeated Joshua Gorman Climax. Sweeney picked up 2,009 votes and was victorious in nearly every building. Gorman Climax ultimately finished with 953 votes.The two uncontested races saw Eoghan Mac Domhnail become welfare officer after receiving 2,829 votes. Niall Torris received 562 to become Graduate officer.The day also saw two referenda decided upon. The Irish Unity referendum - which asked the question of whether the SU should campaign for an united Ireland - successfully passed as the Yes side received 1,995 votes, while the No side received 1,167.The preferendum on fees saw 1,776 votes vote for the "significantly lower fees" option, which was the clear winner. In the other options, 890 votes favoured continuing with the current system, while income-based loans received 598 votes.[br]An entire breakdown of the results of the 2017 UCDSU election results can be found here.You can switch between the tabs at the bottom for each race and referendum.