UCDDramsoc renews pleas for The University Observer staff to leave their theatre

UCDDramsoc auditor, Ewa Grzybowska, has once again launched an appeal for The University Observer editor to remove her staff from the Dramsoc Theatre.

The University Observer staff, which has taken up part residence in the theatre for most of its 30-odd years of existence, can typically be seen hanging from the rigging, heckling the actors during performances, threatening to write scathing reviews, and maintaining that their mate would have been a much better Horatio, regardless of the play currently running.

“It’d be one thing if they ever auditioned for anything,” explained Grzybowska, dodging broadsheet pages being shaken down from the gantry. “But they mainly just bring the morale down. You’re just trying to get a rehearsal done and suddenly you see the fashion editor dangling above you, dictaphone out, trying to get a quote on why the prostups manager went with that particular shade of yellow. It’s exhausting.”

When asked about The University Observer’s occupation of the Dramsoc ceiling, Tech Manager Harris simply said. “I mean, it would be easier to do my job if they weren’t there, but they give me a tenner a week not to complain. Plus they keep me company during the boring shows.”

When asked for examples of “boring shows”, Harris began laughing nervously before saying, “What do you mean ‘boring shows’? Every show Dramsoc puts on is a technical and artistic marvel.”

University Observer Editor, Heather Reynolds, was unavailable for comment, but Prostups Manager Luke Duffy, who plays for both teams, supports the continuation of the staff’s presence, saying “I think it makes sense for them to stay, because the tech box is so warm - it’s the perfect place for the University Observer staff to lay their eggs and remain safe from predators.”

The Dramsoc committee has said that they are willing to tolerate an extension of the newspaper staff's occupation so long as the reviews of their shows start going out on time.