UCD to renegotiate Licence to Reside

Senior staff within UCD have agreed in principle to discuss with UCD Students' Union (SU) about addressing some of the main issues that were highlighted during the #RESRIGHTSNOW campaign. 

The campaign, which took place in November 2013, was organised by UCDSU and aimed to put pressure on UCD Residences to renegotiate the Licence to Reside agreement that students need to sign in order to be granted campus accommodation.During the campaign, UCDSU brought attention to some stipulations of the Licence to Reside that they felt breaches a tenant's constitutional right to privacy. Former UCDSU President Mícheál Gallagher said the campaign focused on four specific points: "reduced fines, a fair system of appealing the fines, ending the use of inspection cameras in apartments and finally, ultimately renegotiating the licence to reside.”Speaking about the possibility of the Licence to Reside being overhauled, UCDSU President Feargal Hynes stated, "It is most encouraging that UCD have agreed to work with us on this issue."Last years President Mícheál Gallagher made this his flagship issue with students. With prices rising across the board in Dublin it is more important than ever that the accommodation that is available is of a high standard and treats students with the respect they deserve."The Licence to Reside agreement between students and UCD Residences as it stands permits Residential Assistants (RAs) to enter students’ apartments without notice and also allows them to film inside the apartments. Both of these stipulations included in the Licence to Reside violate basic tenant rights contained within the Irish constitution.The willingness of UCD to renegotiate the Licence to Reside comes at a time when management structures and long-term planning for the college is being addressed. Recently a new student charter was released and in a few months a new university strategic plan will be in place.