UCD to reinstate Fashion Show for 2014

UCD have announced plans to reinstate the UCD Fashion Show for 2014. The event, which did not take place this year after reaching its 26th anniversary last year, had become the largest student-run fashion show in Europe, and it is hoped that it will continue that legacy next year. The Fashion Show wasn't run this year as the University chose to refocus their resources on the UCD Community Musical 2013, Phantom of the Opera. These financial constraints arose because of the size of the production, which was the first of its kind in Europe. The event, planned to take place in the O'Reilly Hall as it has done for the last number of years, will take place next February. As in previous years, the event will be run in aid of charity, with the UCD Fashion Show 2012 raising just over €5,000 Marc Owens Medical Fund. There's no obligation to run the event for the same charity every year, and this year's charity will be decided at a later date by the organising committee. Though plans are in their infancy and details are only just being discussed, the organisers are putting the main focus now on recruiting a large team of students to run the event. The committee will be chosen by a number of students and staff who have been involved in the Fashion Show in the past. The committee will be responsible for planning and hosting the event, as well as looking after fundraising and devising innovative ways to raise money.Executive Producer of the UCD Fashion Show 2012 and UCD Arts Co-ordinator Jason Masterson explained: “The Fashion Show is an opportunity for students to get together, have some fun and really focus on raising funds for a charity that they believe in... A big part of the fashion show is assembling the team to run it, design it, choose a charity and bring it to the O’Reilly Hall next February. The opportunity to run an event this large is rare and we’re looking for talented people to volunteer.” The event will be run with the full support of UCD Students' Union, as in previous years where UCD Ents helped hugely with putting the event on. UCDSU President-elect Mícheál Gallagher commented: "Following on from the success of 'An Seó Faisin' this semester I'm looking forward to supporting the full return of UCD Fashion Show in 2014. The success of the show always depends on a talented volunteer committee and I'd encourage students to take part in this great opportunity."Most urgently of the positions, the UCD Fashion Show are looking for student producers for next year's show. Anyone interested can contact ucdfashionshow2014@gmail.com.