Over 200 guests from around the world are expected to attend the Biomaterials Conference, which UCD will host later this month. The conference will be held in O’Reilly Hall from Tuesday October 23rd to Thursday 25th.

The conference, which is being held on behalf of the US-based ‘Surface in Biomaterials Foundation’, will bring together academics and representatives from the industry to discuss advances in biomaterials research and innovation.

It is the first time since its establishment in 1990 that the foundation will hold the conference outside the US, and chose Ireland due to the large number of medical advice companies in the country.

UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and a member of the conference organising committee Dr Denis Dowling, said: “We are delighted that the Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation chose to host its first ever conference outside of America at University College Dublin. This helps to demonstrate the global recognition of the importance of the medical device sector in Ireland.”

Speaking ahead of the conference, Dan Hock, from Bausch and Lomb and President of the Foundation, said: “We decided specifically to hold BioInterface 2012 at University College Dublin as it is at the forefront of cutting-edge research and innovation in biomaterials and surface engineering, in addition to its strong links with the medical industry in Ireland.”

The two day event will allow industry figures and researchers to present their findings and discuss key topics including biomaterials, wound healing and surface modification of devices. The interface between the human body and a medical device is critical to the device’s performance. The 2012 BioInterface conference, which has a strong applied focus, will enable representatives from industrial, academic, clinical and regulatory communities to gather together to discuss recent advances in biomaterials research and innovation which can improve the performance of medical devices.

Representatives from companies such as EnBio, Bausch & Lomb SurModics, Boston Scientific and Medatronic, will be among those presenting at the event, as well as leading academic researchers from Universities in Utah, Sydney, Utrecht, Washington, Liverpool and Nanyang.

The prestigious Excellence in Surface Science Award will be presented to honour the significant contribution of a researcher or entrepreneur within the field and in addition this year there will also be a student award to recognise outstanding research based on the student poster presentation held during the conference.

Along with Dr Dowling; John O’Donoghue, CEO of Enbio Ltd which, has its headquarters at NovaUCD, will make up the Irish representatives of the Biointerface 2012 programme committee.