UCD staff may face compulsory redeployment due to new proposals agreed upon by university management. Under the new proposals, if a staff member does not freely agree to change their role within the university when asked, they will be forced to do so as part of the new scheme.

The most prominent repercussion imposed on staff members, if mandatory redeployment is necessary, will be the suspension of any future annual increment pay rises.

This policy of mandatory redeployment is part of a wider plan that has been put to the university under the terms of the Croke Park agreement of last year, which saw a series of negotiations between the government and various public sector unions following the financial budget.

Different plans have been sent to the six other universities in the country. However, the specific plan for UCD puts a stronger emphasis on the necessity for the need of “re-deployment, re-organisation and rationalisation within the college,” due to the “changing economic and social circumstances” that the country presently finds itself in.

Furthermore, the plan calls for the reviewing of different financial and administrative aspects within the university. This will include the reviewing of UCD’s “performance management” as well as its “incremental progression system.”

According to the proposals, the long-term aim of this is to develop the relationship between academic workload models and the incremental pay rises that will be allocated to staff members as a result.

In relation to these reformative aspects of the plan, set forth under the Croke Park agreement, the consent of staff within the college will be sought. However, the plan does state that if these terms are not agreed to by staff, the suspension of the payment of their incremental pay rises will be prompt, and the money saved will go towards appropriate “promotional opportunities” instead.

According to the terms of the plan, the policy of compulsory redeployment will come into effect in the university no later than a six week period following the formal notification of all staff on the issue. However, it is not yet known when formal notification of the issue will take place.