UCD Societies raise over €1,000 for Student Assistance Fund

UCD's Charity Week took place last week with multiple clubs and societies involved in fundraising events. The money raised throughout the week, originally planned to go towards Relay for Life, will now be given to the UCD Student Welfare Assistance Fund.David Healy, the Auditor of LGBT, one of the societies involved in raising money explained: "We were money than happy for the money to go there. It was a decision taken by the Societies Council that the funds would go to the Welfare Fund because it is under so much strain."Auditor of L&H, Daisy Onubogu agreed with the change in charity: "I think the choice was quite a good one, it’s not like if we had given it to any other charity in the world it would have been less good but I like the fact that what we were doing was giving back to the community of UCD and because of that there was a move towards more events that were about giving back in general. "One of the largest events held was a Charity Date Auction, organised by the LGBT society, involving UCD Society Auditors and UCDSU Sabbatical Officers being bid on, with the winners of the night receiving tickets to the UCD Ball in May. "At the end of the night we had raised €1100,” Healy explained. “That was the most of any society in UCD for Charity Week. I was very happy with the amount of money raised"In addition to the dating auction, the week as a whole saw good student attendance and offered a chance for others to get involved. "I think it is always hard when there is so much going on, people are so busy with their own things but I think I saw a lot of different people who would not necessarily always come to those events...We had a lot of people who might not ordinarily attend those events." Onubogu said.Charity Week was successful in bringing together several societies to collaborate with each other "I think everyone found a way to make it a community thing, I think that was in keeping with the ethos of the whole thing. It was very much an idea of all of us investing in the community and giving back together," Onubogu said, with Healy adding: "There was a lot of cross-over involvement and I was very happy with that."