UCD says overhaul of car parks has not affected space numbers

Recent work on car parks has led to staff and student concerns over the amount of car parking spaces available to them.Car parks, such as the one behind the Agricultural Science building, now have a tarred driveway all around them. Any cars parked on the tarred portion are liable to be clamped, with clamp release fees starting at €80.These new regulations have led to concern over reduced parking spaces in these areas, in spite of a number of new car parks being added and extensions made to existing car parks on campus.UCD’s Commuting Manager, John Free, is confident that the overall number of parking spaces has not been affected: “Over the summer, increased building work on campus and in particular, the enabling works for the UCD Sutherland School of Law, have resulted in some changes to car park locations and type, however the overall number of car park spaces has not been affected.”In the coming months, parking will be provided near Newstead as part of the wider campus development. This will offset the reduced car parking adjacent to the Student Centre. However, extra vehicles from building works have placed added pressure on UCD’s already overcrowded parking system.There are a number of pay-and-display parking areas on campus, which have a five-hour parking limit. Students and staff are encouraged to check the signs where they park to avoid being clamped for not display a parking ticket.A spokesperson for the University said: “The pay-and-display car park beside Belfield House has been removed until November 2010 to allow for the realignment of internal roadways. Spaces from this area are now accommodated in the car park between the Quinn School and the engineering building.”However, new pay and display areas have been implemented. The spokesperson said that the car park between the Quinn School and engineering building is now a pay-and-display car park to facilitate lost funds from the car park beside Belfield House.The new areas available for student and staff parking include the car park between the Quinn School and the engineering building; a temporary car park at the new Sutherland School of Law, and the car park beside Belfield House.The parking regulatory company, NCPS, was not available for comment at the time of going to press.