UCD Rugby Club raise over €10,000 for Irish Cancer Society

UCD Rugby club has raised over ten thousand euro for the Irish Cancer Society through its daffodil day which occurred last Thursday on the 9th of March.The aim of Daffodil Day for the 500 members of UCD Rugby Club (consisting of women’s, men’s and tag rugby teams) was to raise social awareness about make a difference in their community, so says the administrator of UCD Rugby Club John Hammond.Members of the club were collecting on the day from 7am to 3pm in two hour shifts. They were scattered around campus and positioned at every entry point to UCD. In total, 123 members of the club were collecting on the day.In preparation for Daffodil Day,Wednesday saw club members pinning close to a thousand yellow balloons across the campus and several posters at the entrance points to UCD. This was to be as cost effective as possible. Hammond hopes that over time the yellow balloons will become associated with Daffodil Day.To help make the day even more cost effective, Dennis Moran, proprietor of UCD Clubhouse, gave the collectors food vouchers as a thank you. The Irish Cancer Society provided the club with t-shirts and ‘Prop Me Up’, a company based in Sandyford Industrial Estate gave the club a big Daffodil which was on display in the student centre for the day.The club started collecting for Daffodil Day three years ago. The first year they raised approximately €3,500 for the Irish Cancer Society and €6,500 the second year. This year, there goal was to raise €8,000.Hammond was very pleased the ten thousand raised this year saying it “reflects the generosity of staff and students”. He also added that next year, UCD Rugby Club will aim to collect €12,000.