UCD Residences reverse decision to postpone check-in date

UCD Residences informed incoming residents yesterday, Tuesday the 8th of September, that they would allow returning students to check into on-campus accommodation from the 10th of September as originally planned. It is understood that this follows concerns raised by incoming residents and UCDSU.

Previously the check-in date had been postponed until the 17th, leaving some students with 8 days to locate accommodation for between the 10th and 17th. In the email circulated yesterday however, students were informed that “[UCD Residences] are conscious that some of you may have already made your plans to travel to UCD to arrive from the earlier date of the 10th of September or may have other arrangements made which require you to be in Dublin from the 10th of September. We would like to confirm that you can arrive on any day from the 10th of September”. Further, all residences were informed that “[Incoming Residence] annual fee will be adjusted to only start from the 17th of September”

Speaking to The University Observer, UCDSU Welfare Officer Ruairí Power said “A lot of students contacted us after the email ... they needed to move in before then, some of them were starting programmes before the 17th...The worst-case scenario is that students would have to book expensive off-campus accommodation for the week if they needed to move up before the 17th. In fairness to the residences they got back to us first thing [on] Monday morning and we had also talked to the Dean of Students in the meantime and they came back, and they got an email sent out...If any students have any difficulty with moving in they can still contact us, but I think any student who wished to move in prior to the 17th can do so and they should have gotten that communication”