UCD Refreshers Day arrives on campus

FROM 10am to 4pm today, fifty sports clubs and eighty societies will be squeezed into the Astra Hall in the Old Students' Centre for Refreshers Day.During the day, students can chat with member of any club or society present and pay for a subscription to join them.If you are not sure what you want to join you can visit the UCD societies’ website here and the UCD sports clubs website here.Unfortunately for students, subscriptions to clubs and societies are not cheaper than they were to join in Freshers’ week even though you only get one semester out of it rather than two. You also won’t receive a bag of goodies like you would have during freshers’ week. This means that the only reason to join a society or club in the second semester is if you actually want to do something with that club or society.To help you to decide what societies or clubs to join visit their respective website, and find the club/society you’re interested in, read their blurb then head along to the Astra hall and clear up any remaining questions you have.For further help in deciding here is a link to Conall Cahill’s guide to UCD’s sports clubs and here is a link to Ruth Murphy’s and Melissa Ridge’s guide to societies from our Freshers’ Magazine. You could also find out more by reading the sport section’s “Club Focus” column.If all else fails you can write, illustrate or take pictures for the paper. The best thing about us is we’re free and you can join anytime you like by clicking here.