UCD Professor Dolores Cahill selling trips to Ireland online, despite Covid

Image Credit: User: Nils at wikivoyage shared via Wikimedia Commons

Professor Dolores Cahill of the UCD School of Medicine has been linked to a new company offering Spring trips to Ireland called Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance (FAFTA). Her name appears on their website as their “Irish founder”.

The company’s website claims that they are “a Travel Freedom Membership site” and that “being a member brings you into the effort to assure that your family's natural health rights while travelling are protected from injurious regulation and discriminatory policy”. The FAFTA was established in 2020.

The FAFTA website currently has two types of product available: Annual Memberships and specific travel deals. The 3 ranks of memberships are currently sold at $100, $200, and $500. The benefits of the $100 ‘Wings’ membership are listed as 

  1.  Access to the FOUNDERS ZOOM UPDATES* TUESDAY FEB 2, 2021 * (kick-off)
  2. As our membership base grows we will provide education and support to our members regarding new travel documentation, medical exemptions, and legal challenges.
  3. Travel restriction news and policy updates
  4. FREEDOM travel packages
  5. Participation in our brand marketing for your business

The extra privileges of the $200 and $500 memberships are not yet announced, however, there is a list of what FAFTA “anticipate” them to include, namely:

FAFTA website is currently promising three different flights and trips; to Florida in Februrary 2021 for $499, to Brazil in April 2021 for $999 and to Ireland for $750. The Ireland trip is promised for Spring 2021, and the advertisement reads: “Ready to celebrate Freedom & Saint Patrick's Day in Ireland? Nothing is more Irish than this trip hosting [sic] by our very own Freedom Fighter, Dr. Dolores Cahill!”. St Patrick’s Day falls on the 17th of March, when Ireland will still be under heavy restrictions on travel.

In an interview on The Corbett Report, Cahill stated that the strategy of FAFTA is: “Where we are now with Freedom Airways is to inform people that to travel, which is an inalienable right. They cannot coerce you or force you into getting a PCR (Polymerase chain reaction, used in rapid Covid-19 tests) test, or to a vaccination, and so what we’re doing now is to say the airways will allow people to travel without infringing on their inalienable rights, and it’s using the free market to push back on the globalist agenda”. 

“Freedom Airways will leverage now the network we have of layers, so that if you fly on freedom airways, so that you can be covered. That is the idea. That if you come to a passport or immigration, the idea would be that you either have something printed out to say you cannot force me to do a test, or potentially ideally we would like to have hotlines of lawyers, say, in Canada or potentially the ideal thing would be if you fly on freedom airways that we would have been able to pre-negotiated that, or potentially take legal cases, precedence cases in the country so if you were flying from Dublin to Toronto, or Dublin to Miami, that we could take precedence cases to ensure our inalienable rights”. Cahill states that Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Travel are inalienable rights under “Natural Law”, and that it is “unlawful and potentially criminal” to impede upon them.

The University Observer asked both FAFTA and Professor Cahill how a trip to Ireland is possible given current measures, and what if any compensation would be available to customers should the trip not happen, As of yet, neither party has responded.