UCD Dramsoc Membership Falls as Society is Too Gay to Reproduce

"They're just too gay to function", says Props, Costumes and Makeup Manager Luke Duffy

Following the hectic signing up of new members during Freshers' Week, and the newly-introduced ban on straight male members, sources close to UCD Dramsoc can confirm that the number of LGBTQ+ members of Dramsoc throughout the years has directly impacted their overall membership this year. As Ireland's largest student drama society, the running of Dramsoc presents its own unique challenges when compared to other societies similar in scale.

When asked for comment on this issue, auditor Ewa Grzybowska presented a number of theories. One possible explanation is in the scheduling conflicts within the committee's timetables. "People from all walks of life #getinvolved in Dramsoc, and this creates its own challenges. It is a known fact that gay people operate in a different timezone to everyone else, so it's very difficult to agree on a time to meet up". 

Other possible explanations for the drop in membership include Dramsoc's "Pop Into The Theatre" event during Fresher's Week, in which new members were invited to test out poppers and explore the unharnessed potential of leather cleaner on stage. This event was "admittedly quite niche (...) it needed some werrrq" and will be attempted again in semester two.

Diversity and Inclusions Officers Conor Henry and Jill Nelis also provided comment on the drop in membership - "it's not giving what needed to be gave", they said, unprompted. The Harpy reports that the non-LGBTQ+ membership is "in its flop era", and that it does not, in the words of the committee, "slay".

The drop in membership is also problematic for the committee at this point of year. The society is currently making preparations for Macbeth, the biggest show of the year, which will be taking place over the Christmas break. At present, it is unclear whether the show will proceed as planned with an audition and callback process, or whether Ryan Haran will return to the stage to play all of the characters by himself, wearing a different hat for each one.

In related society news, UCD Musical Society's membership hit a record high this year, as they prepare for their production of Thinking Out Loud, an original jukebox musical based on the life and works of Ed Sheeran. 

Jake Walsh, auditor of UCD LGBTQ+, was unavailable for comment.