UCD Careers Network: The First Step in Finding Your Future!

Image Credit: Alvarez Garrido via Wikimedia Commons

Hannah Ryan Murphy reviews the career services on offer at UCD.

The UCD Careers Network is an invaluable resource for students seeking guidance as their entrance into the workforce approaches. Located in both Belfield and Blackrock, their mission is “to enable and empower individuals”, and they achieve this through providing a variety of services.

The Network’s website has a dedicated job search section, listing vacancies for part-time jobs and internships both in Ireland and abroad. A section for those who are unsure about their future career is also included on their site, consisting of assessments and resources for students to explore various disciplines. Meanwhile, in their 20 minute one-to-one consultant appointments (online or in-person), they can proof-read your CV and cover letter, conduct mock interviews and offer advice. This service is fortunately also available to recent UCD graduates. Regardless of whether you have a particular career path in mind, there are ample supports to avail of. 

Regardless of whether you have a particular career path in mind, there are ample supports to avail of. 

Throughout the year, UCD Careers Network organises recruitment fairs in multiple sectors including business, law and science. Internship fairs are also offered to students and are an excellent opportunity for attendees to network with employers. Additionally, their Career Mentoring programme matches students with UCD alumni who will mentor them professionally throughout the year. They also offer dedicated courses where students can familiarise themselves with the skills they will need as they enter the workforce - such as their Set for Success Programme. UCD Careers Network recognises extra-curricular participation through the UCD Embark Award and the UCD Advantage Award, which are noted on graduation transcripts.

You can make an appointment with the Careers Network by accessing the link to MyCareer/CareersConnect on their website, where you can also seek more career-related help. In the meantime, make sure to follow ‘UCD Careers Network’ on social media for more resources and to keep up-to-date. Reaping the benefits of the Careers Network aids both students and graduates in their navigation of the trials and tribulations of the working world. 

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