UCD Ball will not take place for second year in a row

UCD Students’ Union President Marcus O’Halloran confirmed today that UCD Ball will not go ahead this year for the second year in a row, despite earlier claims that it would take place off campus. The news was announced at SU council today, where O’Halloran explained that it was no longer viable for it to happen this year. Speaking to the University Observer, he claimed that the reasons for it not going ahead are both financial and practical. “To create a ball of the magnitude of the Trinity Ball, or to create a ball with a good line up or a good venue, the costs are enormous,” O’Halloran explained. “At this moment in time, we would prefer to leave the finances of the Union in a good position rather than putting a stress on an incoming team by facing a loss from the Ball.”The Ball was originally intended to happen at an off-campus location, which has not been named by the Students’ Union. However this ultimately fell through, with O’Halloran explaining that the “manager of the venue was good with it, that costing was actually very low. Then it was a case of… the Gardai and the Board of Directors of the venue that didn’t want the venue to go ahead, and I think it was because it was a student focused gig was the main problem.”The news comes as a disappointment to the Students’ Union, who in January told this newspaper that they were confident that the Ball would go ahead, but off campus. Paul Kilgallon, Ents Manager, said in January: “We’re confident that it will be an event that students are proud of at the end of the year and we’d obviously like it to be of a grand nature and a festival kind of vibe.” The Ball did not take place last year due to challenges the SU faced in having the Ball on campus. In 2013 and 2014, the Ball took place in the Three Arena, however in January, Kilgallon said the location “was met with a yawn”.