UCD Archeological Society hold inaugural lecture

[caption id="attachment_35331" align="alignleft" width="350"] Members of UCD Archeological Society with Professor Chris Scarre (far right). Photo courtesy of UCD Archeological Society[/caption]Last Thursday, November 20th, UCD Archeological Society held their inaugural address, a flagship event in the society's calendar. The annual event sees a guest lecturer invited by the society address its members. The inaugural lecture was delivered this year by Professor Chris Scarre of University of Durham, and was titled "Missing Persons? Formal Disposal and Funerary Practices in Prehistoric Britain".  Micheal Butler, auditor of UCD Archeological Society, described Scarre as "a big name in archeology" and cited his important academic contributions as the reason for his invitation to address the society.The night also saw the launch of the Trowel XV, the fifteenth volume of the society's student archeology journal. The journal features contributions from students across Europe, and takes submissions from archeologists, anthropologists and classicists. This volume of the journal was edited by UCD students Alexandra Guglielmi, Abigail Ash, Mark Haughton and Ian Ostericher.