UCD announces change to registration date on Twitter

UCD has announced that the registration start date has moved from Tuesday the 1st of September to Monday the 7th. 

The news was announced on UCD’s Twitter account on the morning of August 27th, and at the time of reporting the change of date for registration has not been directly communicated to students. A follow up tweet stated that the academic calendar will be updated by 2pm on the 31st of August, and that all timetables will be available at that time.

This news comes after weeks of uncertainty around how UCD will function this coming semester. Students are still unsure about how many classes will be offered in person and whether in person classes will be obligatory, with this leading to confusion about the need to secure accommodation in Dublin for many.

Some students are also frustrated by UCDs choice to announce this change via social media rather than email, as well as by the change itself. Jayson Pope, a third year Social Science student said on the topic "I don't think there's a problem with it being later, the problem is that they are changing things, and not communicating that directly to students but instead putting it on Twitter."

It has not been confirmed whether the later registration date will affect the announced starting date for classes on September 21st, or the first year students' start date of September 28th.

 See the full tweet here