UCC receives over €1.2 million in exam repeat fees

University College Cork (UCC) received over €1.2 million euro in exam repeat fees during the 2014/15 academic year, the University Observer can reveal.Information obtained under the Freedom of Information Act shows that UCC collected €1,257,871 during the academic year. These repeat fees came from 2,415 students who failed one module and the 1,530 students who failed more than one module.The most failed module between 2014/15 was Introduction to Philosophy, of which 49 students failed. Other modules that had the highest failure rates included Psychology as Science, Economic Decision Making and two introductory modules to sociology. Also included on the list of the most failed modules are two calculus modules, an Irish language module, software development and business law.The University Observer recently released information obtained from UCD on exam repeat fees. It was revealed that UCD received over €1.8 million in the same academic year in exam repeat fees.When compared with UCD, UCC’s exam repeat fees are significantly less expensive. UCC charge €35 per five credit module failed, and the total is capped at €245, according to the UCC Students’ Union website. This figure is in comparison to €230 per module in UCD, which is one of the highest repeat fees nationally – something that the University has come under criticism for in recent years.While UCD received more money in repeat fees during the 2014/15 academic year, this is mostly attributable to the difference in student numbers. UCC has close to 20,000 students enrolled, while UCD has over 30,000.UCC is one of Ireland’s largest universities, and is also one of the top universities globally, consistently featuring high in international rankings.