THEHE UNIVERSITY will be appointing two deputy registrars for Teaching and Learning and Graduate Studies in the coming weeks. The two appointees will be under employment of the college for three years, with the possibility of renewal for an extended three years.

A UCD spokesperson explained that the employment of two part-time Deputy Registrars will not impact current university costs the positions been funded by the Government’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF).

The Deputy Registrars will have responsibility in reshaping the strategic development of UCD, acting in support of the Deputy President and Registrar.

The Deputy Registrar for Graduate Studies will provide leadership in the UCD Education and Student Experience Strategy 2009-2013. The successful applicant will place a particular emphasis on taught and research graduate studies.

The position will also engage with Graduate School Directors in corroborating the current doctorate programmes within the college, in encouraging the development of thematic PhD programmes.

The post will also involve working with the Deputy Registrar for Teaching and Learning, and others connected with graduate programmes in improving the university’s postgraduate options and an extended integration with undergraduate studies.

The Deputy Registrar for Teaching and Learning will have a key role in the improving the Horizons modularisation scheme and will act as an assistant to the Support Programme Deans in compiling plans for each Programme.

At the time of print, the university had not yet announced the successful applicants. Advertisements for the positions were extended only to staff of the college on their internal email. Applications for both positions closed on the August 13th.