Twenty-four hour study area in place for Semester Two exams

UCDSU Education Officer Sam Geoghegan has confirmed that there will be a twenty-four hour study area in the new Student Centre during the second semester’s examination period. A similar area has not yet been confirmed for this semester.Geoghegan has been trying to organise a study area for students sitting exams in December in the Rendezvous area of the UCD Restaurant building, as well as looking into alternative areas on campus in case his original plan cannot be arranged.Geoghegan explained that he has “met with Michael Rafter from [UCD Buildings and Services] and things are progressing, but it's not guaranteed that it will happen,” but also stated that “it is not definitive, but I am hopeful” that it will. Rendezvous had previously been converted into a study area during the 2009-2010 academic year.The Semester Two study area will be in the new Student Centre, as affirmed by Student Centre manager Dominic O’Keeffe, who, according to Geoghegan, has said that “everything is going according to plan.” The study area will be ready for use when the new Student Centre opens, “which will probably be in March, so at least that'll be in place for semester two exams.” O’Keeffe was not available for comment at the time of writing.Geoghegan also appears to be making headway with some of the main points of his manifesto, which include the use of the UCD smart phone application to notify students of cancelled lectures. Geoghegan hopes that UCD will “implement an alert system for any smart phones for cancelled lectures etc,” using the UCD app, going on to say that “it would be very easy to sync.”His original idea of having a text system for cancelled lectures was turned down by the Deputy Registrar, who had looked into it several years ago and found it to be “too costly”. However, Geoghegan is buoyed by the recent extension of the UCD app to Android smart phones due to the fact that “4,300 students have downloaded the app and that was only for iPhone. The Android only came online last week and more people have Android phones than they do iPhones.”With tomorrow’s USI march in protest against a proposed raising of student fees, Geoghegan has been helping to increase awareness amongst students as well as trying to ensure that students would not be academically impeded for missing classes, saying that “We are hitting res every night up until Tuesday, but my biggest role would be in contacting lecturers and module coordinators to move classes or to allow students to attend the march, making sure that if continuous assessment is part of that class on the 16th that they will be allowed to make up for it later on.”