@frankenteen Just recorded a guest spot for THE SIMPSONS. One of the best moments of my life thus far

Finn from Glee aka Cory Monteith aka Frankenteen reaches the highest pinnacle of fame – being on The Simpsons. And not before time, too. This little nugget of info made Gleeks worldwide wee in their pants a bit.

@alandavies1 Please stop retweeting Alan Davies to me. I hate Alan Davies. If I see Alan Davies, I will punch Alan Davies.

The ever-able-to-laugh-at-himself Alan Davies shows the hataz what’s what by retweeting a nasty message about himself. That’ll show him, eh? About as effectively as sticking your tongue out behind someone’s back.

@ghook Chinese ood has arrived at Croke Park

Who knew Hooky was a Doctor Who fan? Or maybe Croker was really being invaded by a fictional alien species with tentacle faces and telepathic abilities… and slanty eyes…

@tyrabanks when i toured Google HQ. Went 2 their TGIF party. Was in room w/sum of the worlds smartest peeps

Makes a change from being in a room with ‘sum of the worlds’ most mentally challenged wannabe models… and Janice Dickinson.

@dianainheaven Anna Nicole just gave a slurred speech about staying true to herself. Then she injected some horse tranquilisers into her eyeball.

Looking for a highly offensive yet hilarious faux-celebrity Twitter to brighten up your day? Look no further than Diana in Heaven. The Queen of Hearts lives on in a really inappropriate manner. We lolled.