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Amounting to little more than an O.C. retread, Gossip Girl will bore most viewers to tears, writes Alison Lee.Gossip Girl, the latest teen drama to hit the small screen, revolves around the complicated personal lives of a group of super-wealthy, super-gorgeous American high school students. Sounding familiar?It may not surprise readers to hear that this hormone-saturated soap opera is the brainchild of the makers of The O.C. But (in a dynamic burst of originality) they decided to set this series in New York instead of California. This minor detail doesn’t save it from being anything other than a clone of its big sister show. An immaculately dressed clone with flawless make-up, but a clone nonetheless.In one typical episode, the main characters stress out over Ivy Week, where the visiting reps from the Ivy League Universities come to mingle with the hopeful students of Constance Billiard and St Jude’s high schools.
“Gossip Girl isn’t particularly stimulating, witty, or interesting”
No one wants to miss their chance to make a good impression with the big-shots of Yale, Harvard and co., and consequently, betrayal and back-stabbing are the order of the day amongst the competitive students and their pushy parents. Added to which, Serena the slut is back in town after her mysterious disappearance to boarding school. Suspicion is thrown upon her after Nate spots her emerging from the local rehab clinic… but what’s really going on? Hmmm… curioser and curioser.So what’s the Otwo verdict? Gossip Girl isn’t particularly stimulating, witty, or interesting, and barely passes as watchable material for those wasted evenings slumped opposite the TV. It’s hard to sympathise with characters who are a) stunning, and b) millionaires, when they’re having boy trouble, or when their dads are pushing them to go to law school. The cast put forward a mediocre and barely believable performance, but what they lack in acting skill they make up for in attractiveness.However, any fashion junkie would probably get a kick out of the costumes, hair and make-up. Throw in a soundtrack laden with hip-hop and indie rock, and panoramas of Central Park and the Upper East Side and then yes, Gossip Girl simply oozes cool out of your TV and all over your living room floor. But despite being aesthetically pleasing, there’s still something empty about this drama. Tune in if you’re bored and want to depress yourself about the contents of your wardrobe.Gossip Girl can be viewed on TG4, Thursdays at 6pm