TV | The Hills are alive

Kimberley Foy is glued to her TV set once more as things are about to heat up on The Hills...Whatever you might think of the Orange County dwelling, one thing is for sure, MTV’s The Hills is, as they say, so hot right now.Watching the young and the rich complain about, well anything really, is theoretically hard to take. What the makers of The Hills have tried to do, somehow, is to show us plebeians just how difficult it is to be privileged. In every respect.Now one of MTV’s most high profile shows, The Hills, follows the trials and tribulations of four very different young women as they live it up in the City of Angels. Audrina, Heidi and Whitney who are all trying to make their way in various glamorous jobs accompany whiney Lauren, the main protagonist.While Lauren pursues her ambitions in the fashion world, her co-stars go along for the ride, with the sole intention of making drama and getting more screen time, especially loved-up back-stabber Heidi, who in a previous series, allegedly started a sex tape rumour about our heroine.Poor Lauren. For fans of Laguna Beach: The Real OC, The Hills is a guaranteed treat. For those with high ideals, and a deep seeded hatred of materialistic America, then The Hills is about as laugh out loud as it gets.Seriously people, this is high-larious stuff! Finally, for those remaining, and for whom there is a sneak suspicion that the show is more scripted than a Christmas episode of Corrie, there is nothing to be lost from treating it as such.Whatever view you take on the matter, the fact is, Lauren & Co. is where the drama is. It is doubtful that you’ll ever spend a more gripping thirty minutes of your life. No other TV offering will permit you witness such brutality and two-facedness, bloated egos or air filled dramas, all against the awe inspiring background of the Hollywood Hills.With a brand new series on the way, you can expect things to get even more theatrical. In the end though, what The Hills actually achieves though is to show us how the other half live, and more importantly just how petty life can be when you have limitless resources but no true allies. Poor Lauren indeed.