TV: Seven of Nine


As the lastest offering from Torchwood writer James Moran hits the internet, Catriona Laverty asks: can you save her?

At just five minutes an episode, and only six episodes a series, Girl Number 9 isn’t your average crime drama. Add this to the fact that it’s not even going to be on TV, and you may think we’ve mixed our pages up in otwo this week.


Well fear not, we haven’t gone entirely crazy just yet. Girl Number 9 is the latest offering from Torchwood writer James Moran, and stars surprisingly enough, Gareth David-Lloyd (mmm Ianto), Tracy-Ann Oberman (she of Torchwood One fame) and Joe Absolom (who was never in Torchwood or Doctor Who, but it didn’t feel right not giving him some brackets).

detectivesThe plot is simple: Absolom plays Vincent Boylan, a man arrested on suspicion of murdering seven women, Ianto plays Det. Matheson, who’s desperately trying to get a confession from Boylan. Oberman once again plays the head honcho, presumably this time she doesn’t get cyberfied though. As she and Matheson interview Boylan, they get drawn into his twisted mind games and soon realise that he hasn’t stopped at seven, and it’s a race to save the eponymous girl. otwo isn’t sure why number eight has been summarily ignored, perhaps she’s not very nice/smells of cheese.

Regardless of their odd number bias, the promotional material and trailer are very promising. With each episode only five minutes long, the pace should be frantic and will hopefully make for addictive viewing. According to the official site, each episode will end on a cliffhanger, just to keep us on the edge of our office chairs. Also, the fact that it wont distract too much from the library means that Girl Number 9 is perfect study viewing – unless of course you get sucked in to all the very clever promotional extras such as the forum, the Twitter feeds and the website.

The Twitter feeds are particularly interesting, you can follow the characters before and during the show and they drop hints and tips to help solve the case – y’know like a budget murder mystery weekend without the trip to Achill. You can follow the characters @CJLYNDON, @vincentboylan, @ryan_dunbar or if you don’t want to get too into it just follow the show itself on @girlnumber9.

The first episode will go live on the website on 30th October at 9pm, with episodes two through six starting on 2nd November. If the show is a hit, it may be released on DVD later in the year – a very small DVD obviously.