What the hell is dreckitude anyway? Fashion Editor Kieran Murphy walks you through the latest season of America’s Next Top Model

Fashionistas rejoice. America’s Next Top Model has returned to Living TV for a triumphant 14th season. One would think that after seeing over 100 models crying, bitching and backstabbing, it would get tired, but everyone keeps coming back for more.

In the two-hour season premiere, we’re treated to life partners to-be Mr and Ms Jay putting the wannabe models through their paces at model boot camp. They conduct their various endeavours by utilising My Fierce, Tyra’s social network for models, which is really just an excuse for her to kick out the ugly ones.

After Tyra picks the girls with the most potential to both model and create drama in the house, she whisks them off to NYC. Upon arrival at the Big Apple, Perez Hilton greets them, before they discover the first twist of the season – Tyra brings the handpicked Ren into the fold, and we can feel how welcome she is by the other twelve contestants.

Tyra, being the smart producer she is, realised by the 14th season that all we really care about is the makeover meltdowns. She brings the girls into the Sally Hershberger hair salon, and we’re treated to the usual drama of girls crying over getting their hair cut short – now a classic trope of reality TV. We also learn the importance of not shaving your armpits for women’s rights, but if you want to model, you have to give both of those things up.

Finished with butchering the model’s hair, we’re rushed into the first photo shoot of the season. For their shoot, the models must pose nude apart one item of clothing, which obviously shocks the token religious girl. Such incidents force us to question if she’d ever actually watched the show before applying to be on it.

After the lacklustre photo shoot, viewers are introduced to Ms. Jay’s replacement, editor-at-large at Vogue, André Leon-Talley, who is just slightly more femme than Ms. Jay was. After last year’s revelation of ‘smizing’ (smiling with your eyes), we’re introduced to ‘dreckitude’. I’m still not sure what the phrase means, but if you get called it, you better take your earrings off.

Ultimately, ANTM’s 14th season brings very little extra to the table and won’t win over any new fans, but it will certainly keep die-hard fans happy. Tyra can also be commended for leaving out any cause célèbre like the previous series. Instead of focusing on the show’s first transvestite contestant, or a cycle full of midgets, we’re allowed to appreciate ANTM for what it truly is – twelve skinny bitches that are all desperate to win Ms Banks’ approval.