Carlsberg don’t do cities, but the Danish do, and it’s one of the best in the world, writes Killian Woods

Defined as the capital of design and beer, Copenhagen captivates visitors with its laidback approach to life. A green city in more than one sense, inhabitants of the Danish capital reside in a serene city that is typified by their cycling-enthused commuters and peaceful park settings that are dotted throughout the city.

Lavish displays of architecture appear to be common throughout the country, with Copenhagen providing the main stage for the crème de la crème to be put on show for the residents and tourists alike.

Copenhagen in itself is a pinnacle of design. It is consistently heralded worldwide as the “best” city in the world. Admittedly it is difficult to comprehend the measurements that Copenhagen is gauged on, but its tendency to figure top of the pile and ahead of cities such as Milan, Berlin and Tokyo must stand for something.

Second to the architecture, Copenhagen is a hub for innovation. Generally assumed to be the location where the building blocks for Lego were first laid, the Danish capital is renowned for its beer.

For most cities, beer is usually end of a civilisation. However, beer is far from an antidote the Danish use to calm their nerves at the end of a long week. World famous brands such as Tuborg and Carlsberg are merely a by-product of their innovative nature and provide tourists with the unique of experience of sipping lager that is so good the Danes hate to see it leave.

With the Carlsberg factory tour featuring highly on most people’s lists, it is essential not to just limit your visit to a cliché trip to a brewery. Catch a sight of the Danish Molly Malone equivalent as well and see the famous Little Mermaid (minus the cleavage) on the Langelinie pier.

Don’t expect fireworks from the inanimate statue, but if you’re lucky, you may witness the latest attempt on its existence as the unfortunate mermaid has suffered a decapitation and survived being blown up in her 98-year existence.

If an explosive mermaid isn’t what you fancy, Tivoli Gardens demands your attendance if you’re a tourist in Copenhagen. Considered the heartbeat of the city, the theme park is the second oldest of its kind in the world and proved an inspiration for some of the more well known Disney equivalents that have looked to mirror Tivoli’s success. Tivoli caters for everyone and is a must-see.

Excitement doesn’t typify everyone’s holiday, so nothing can be more relaxing than wandering a city and seeing its different areas. A long weekend trip to Copenhagen would be ample time to take in all the city has to offer. So, book flights, jet off and enjoy Legoland with a Carlsberg in hand.