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Traffic Luxe

Corey Fisher reviews Moschino’s latest traffic-stopping collection, which debuted at London Fashion Week.


Moschino’s Spring 2016 line turned heads this season as models walked the runway dressed in what many would call ‘unconventional’ fashion: traffic-inspired couture.

The line utilises materials inspired by traffic we all encounter on roads every day and turn it into chic, modern womenswear. The collection incorporates fabrics emblazoned with caution tape print, dresses made of orange fences that line construction sites, hard hat designs, and plast2-iiic material fashioned into fringe dresses.

While the traffic-oriented theme is evident and a clear indicator of Moschino’s trend   points for the season, a number of looks seemed out of place. Some were anything but flattering and fashionable, whether on model or mannequin. This included a segment of the show with looks resembling cleaning products. One even seemed to be modeled after a toilet brush, the last thing anyone wants to aspire to be.

Another took the concept of “Vegas showgirl” to a whole new level by attaching neon signs to the front of a dress, making the look clunky, uncomfortable, and unappealing. A third look was more like a crime scene than a dress, with caution tape fabric crisscrossing and creating unflattering lines on the model.

But perhaps the biggest2 faux pas of the collection was a segment of the show which instantly brought Sesame Street to mind. Moschino debuted not one, but four dresses constructed of either plastic fringe or feathers that would instantly remind one of the funny, furry, and insane-looking puppets that tell jokes and typically hoard cookies, not couture. The worst of these was a yellow ball of enormous feathers that covered all but the model’s legs and head and resembled none other than Big Bird.

Thankfully, the highlights of the collection far outweigh the lowlights. An orange dress made from construction site fencing screamed professional while still being chic and flattering enough to transition from day to night. A second dress, constructed of wire mesh 2-iand cinched with an orange and white bow, felt both modern and retro; a throwback to the polished style of the 1950s.

The crown jewel of the collection, and the only dress that resembled neither puppet nor cleaning product, was a beautifully designed floor-length dress made of plastic fringe. With an extremely flattering bustier and slit to show off some leg, the dress could easily appear on the red carpet and would surely turn heads. Thick horizontal stripes of red and blue fringe made the dress stand out from an otherwise crowded collection, and the way it shimmered and flowed as it came down the runway was dreamy to the point of surreal. All in all, the brand’s Spring 2016 line rode in the fast lane though, at times, was snagged in bumper to bumper traffic.