Top Ten - Serial Killers

Lonely on Valentine’s Day? Nothing will cheer you up more than Chloe Duane’s run-down of the top ten serial killers in film10. Hannibal Lector - Silence of the Lambs (1991)When people mention serial killers in movies, Hannibal Lector has to be one of the first to mind, if only for that menacing Welsh voice. I used to love fava beans.9. The Chaser (2008)This is a Korean movie focused on a police detective who becomes a pimp.After some of his girls go missing, he goes on a hunt to find them. Serial killers and pimp-cops, need I say more?8. John Doe - Se7en (1995)Kevin Spacey is a late-comer into the movie, but is worth the wait. A great villain, and a terrible abuser of the postal service.7. Leatherface – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)He’s a man called Leatherface. He’s got a chainsaw. And oh look, a group of teenagers have become stranded in the wilderness, right by a family of grave-robbing cannibals. Classic stuff, just don’t watch the remakes.6. The Zodiac Killer - Zodiac (2007)These days the Zodiac movies have been redone so many times, it’s hard to separate the spine tingling from the falling asleep. However, David Fincher got behind this movie to make it one of the best serial killer movies in recent years. Add an amazing cast, including Robert Downey Jr., and you’ve got a killer. Literally.5. Max Parry - The Last Horror Movie (2004)No one is as ruthless and intelligent as Parry (Kevin Howarth). This movie comes alive on the screen to create something real; too real for comfort.4. Jack the Ripper – From Hell (2001)Yes, there is a certain part of us that only watches this for Johnny Depp, but a cocktail of Johnny Depp and Jack the Ripper; who could ever want more?3. John Kramer - Saw (2004)Do not argue that Kramer is not a serial killer. You think fifty people just wanted to brutally kill themselves? Plot twists, blood and gore... perfect for Valentine’s Day.2. Ted Bundy- The Riverman (2004)You get two for the price of one in this movie. A twisted serial killer talking about a copycat twisted serial killer. This film gives an insight into the mind of Bundy, who helped catch the Green River killer in the 1980s.1. Peter and Paul – Funny Games (1997)This is the only movie on this list that will give even the most hardened goreaphile nightmares. As Peter and Paul play games with a hapless, trapped family, you slowly become aware that the titular ‘funny games’ are actually being played with you. Peter and Paul take the number one spot as the only serial killers whose primary targets are the audience themselves.