Top Ten - Movies You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

10: Black SwanYou might watch this with your parents because on paper, it looks like a harmless retelling of Swan Lake, and it’s about ballet. What could be more family friendly? Well, the creepy mother/daughter relationship, disturbing bird transformations and that infamous sex scene beg to differ.9: American PieAfter watching this movie you’ll never look at apple pie the same way again. We’re pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to experience that revelation while your parents are in the same room. This movie is about teenagers looking to get lucky and that description enough should steer you away from having an American Pie family movie night.8: Team America: World PoliceIt’s a movie with puppets in it. Puppets are tame. Well, also keep in mind that puppets can get away with more. There are many reasons you really should just watch this by yourself, but the only reason you need is puppet sex. Oh, and songs about AIDS.7: Boogie NightsWhy would anyone in their right mind watch this with their parents? It’s about the porn industry, with countless awkward scenes filled with innuendos. No matter how cool your parents are, don’t tempt fate.6: American PsychoChainsaw chases, axe murdering, and threesomes. This movie is certainly not for everyone, but it’s also certainly not for you and your family to watch together. Unless you want to ruin Huey Lewis’ songs for yourself, Otwo recommends staying away.5: BoratNaked wrestling, extremely racist scenes, and Borat’s antics outside Victoria’s Secret make things extremely awkward. Bruno may have gone further, but Borat came first, so it shocked us that little bit more.4: Basic InstinctThis movie is a well-known Oscar nominated thriller, so it could easily find it’s way into the family DVD player, but interrogation scene does not need to be shared with parents.3: Requiem for a DreamDarren Aronofsky appears on this list for the second time. Before Black Swan, he gave us this gem. The poster appears tame, but instead we get strong drug usage, disgusting arms and horribly awkward scenes involving an ass or two. If the final five minutes don’t make you cringe, nothing will.2: Wild ThingsBlood, guts and gore; nothing is more awkward than nudity and Wild Things has it in spades. Watching graphic female and male nudity seems like the worst way to spend family time with your folks. Unless you love experiencing social discomfort, no one should put themselves through that.1: The Girl With the Dragon TattooYou and your parents have read the book, so now you’re watching the movie. You are completely mistaken if you think that it won’t be as bad on film. There’s a terrifying rape scene that’s arguably worse than the book with the addition of those awful sounds.