Top Ten: Movie Kisses

Sure, Valentine’s Day is gone, but in the movies Stephanie Wallace Chavanne always finds time for love…The Kinky Kiss: SpidermanThough Kirsten Dunst looks ten most of the time, here she’s more like Rachel Wood in Thirteen than Torrance Shipman in Bring It On. An upside-down kiss in the rain with the notable absence of a bra, kissing the town superhero while involved with another man? What every girl dreams of.The ‘Don’t do it!’ Kiss: TeethThough the movie is messed up for the most part (I’ve yet to find any guy who can watch the whole thing) and is fraught with horror, the best scene is when Dawn and Tobey kiss. No blood is shed, but everyone grips their seat, mourning Tobey like he’s their own best friend being led astray.The Polite Kiss that Messes Up Your Life: It’s a Wonderful LifeThough the movie ends with James Stewart not topping himself in the end, his entire mess starts when he kisses Mary Hatch. Next thing he knows, he’s down the aisle, woman in white in tow.The Romantic Breathtaking Kiss: MilkA gay politican and a great kisser. The tenderness between Sean Penn (as Harvey Milk) and James Franco is so beautiful, it could be used in arguments for legalising gay marriage. Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint have nothing on these two.The Other Notable Gay Kiss Scene: Brokeback MountainNot the first kiss, but rather the reunion: When Jack returns and embraces Doug, we initially think the two are suppressing their true feelings for each other, but instead what follows is probably one of the most passionate and yet tender and happy kisses. This kiss belongs in an airport with great music in the background.The Indie Kiss: 500 Days of SummerI refuse to include the Juno kiss in this – so the only two indie movies worth a mention are The Squid and the Whale and 500 Days of Summer. The latter takes the gong just because of its kisses in Ikea with Chinese families watching.The ‘That’s just WRONG! Kiss: Cruel Intentions and Not Another Teen MovieBoth of these lesbian kisses are wrong, but for different reasons. With the former, the amount of saliva used is dizzying; with the latter, the kids’ jumper is just wrong?.The Woman In Charge Kiss: To Have and Have NotProbably one of the funniest and most realistic kisses ever. Lauren Bacall’s character is empowered and smoking hot, with a great sense of humour. Her reasoning for kissing Humphrey Bogart (“Been wondering whether I’d like it”) and the second kiss to help make her mind up (“It’s even better when you help”) ensure this movie is still fresh after 65 years.The Classic Kiss: Lady and The TrampWe’ve all seen it and we’ve all seen attempts to remake it, but nobody will ever do it as cutely as these mutts do.The Childhood Kiss: My GirlWe’ve all been there before – fancying your best friend and not knowing if you’d end up together – but hopefully an allergy to bees didn’t decide that for you. Probably one of the sweetest and saddest kisses ever caught on film.