Top Ten Insufferable Geniuses In TV

10 Lewis Litt - Suits

My fists clench in rage as Lewis Litt flashes on to the screen. What is infuriating about Lewis is that he is, behind closed doors, a genuinely kind human being. His incredible legal skills are invariably wasted screwing someone over for personal gain. He does however come out with a few gems like; “I’m Moby goddamn dick, and you just swam in my waters”.

Ben - Lost

As we grow to know “the others” Ben reigns as the undisputed puppeteer of the island.  Unresolved childhood issues has turned Ben into a bit of a “Salty Sally”. Manipulative and narcissistic, Ben tends to get the better of his enemies. This, however, does not change the fact that his Daddy didn’t love him.

Velma - Scooby Doo

Velma, if you’re so smart, go get some contact lenses and stop wasting my time.

Malcolm - Malcolm In The Middle

The Krelboyne king. Malcolm tends to irk people with his undeniable superiority complex. Some would say Malcolm in the Middle depicts the hardship which young intellectuals often endure. It’s also arguable that it depicts a hormonal nerd with some questionable hair gel techniques.

Karl Pilkington - Idiot Abroad

Before you judge, just listen. Karl is a genius in his own idiotic way. Take for example; “If Dracula can’t see his reflection in a mirror, how come his centre parting is so perfect?”. It’s what Einstein might have called lateral thinking. The infuriation begins when Karl regresses into drivel (which is often monkey related). So we sit and wait for his next moment of genius.

LittleFinger - Game of Thrones

Cunning and crafty, Littlefinger (A.K.A Petyr Baelish), plays a small yet pivotal role in Game of Thrones. The sole reason Little Finger makes the list is unbelievable ability to be loyal to no-one and survive.

Megan - Drake and Josh

*Whispers “Megan”, angrily*

3 Lisa Simpson – The Simpsons

She has all the cynicism of a middle age divorcee, without the conciliatory entertainment of watching them weep. Lisa’s intellect is hard to challenge. She’s a bona fide jazz musician, she has expertise in robotics and is a member of Mensa. Too bad she has no mates. This may come off as jealousy, but it really isn’t. I’ve come to the terms with the fact that I failed my Drumcondra Test.

2 Dr. House - House

When House isn’t solving mysterious medical cases he’s busy developing witty, nihilistic comments. A through and through curmudgeon, I ask: “When will House cheer up?” I suppose he gets tired of all the leg injury jokes. Can I get an amen?

1 Dr.Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

With the body of a newly-shed reptilian skin and a dose of megalomania, Sheldon Cooper is quickly becoming one of the worlds most loathed and/or loved TV characters. Sheldon is just about as frustrating as an inquisitive mature student in an already depressing lecture. The king of infuriating geniuses.