Top Ten - Films to punch the air to

Clench your fist and get pumped up for the Top Ten this issue, as Caitríona O’Malley shows you the best films to make you beat up some atmosphere10. All the President’s Men Political scandals make for gripping narratives, and this is certainly one such film. It reveals how reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein bravely challenged Richard Nixon by unearthing the sordid scenario that was Watergate. Triumphant and intelligent. 9. Home AloneWiley Kevin, with his arsenal of booby traps, hilariously injures burglars Harry and Marv and shows that a clever child can outwit any adult. Are you thirsty for more?8. This is Spinal Tap A less obvious one, perhaps. However, after enduring indignities such as bread that is too small, exploding drummers, and getting stuck in an egg onstage, it’s comforting to know that the band find solace in Japan. Up to eleven!7. The Breakfast ClubThis Top Ten would not be complete without reference to John Bender’s iconic fist pump. It epitomises everything great about getting one over on the principal, banishing social norms for a day, and dance routines in John Hughes films.6. GreaseAnother musical entry. Some say that the ending isn’t so inspiring, since Sandy completely changes herself for Danny’s approval, but who can resist such belters as ‘Born to Hand Jive’ and ‘Beauty School Dropout’? It’s electrifying!5. The Sound of MusicThere’s nothing like kicking Nazis up the (metaphorical) arses to get the juices flowing, and the warbling von Trapps surely do. The bounty of music helps Georg, Maria and the rest to show those Nazis that Austrians are made of sturdy stuff. Edelweiss!4. War HorseJoey’s equine grit and resilience is heart-wrenching and exhilarating. War cannot obliterate the unity of a man and his steed.3. UpOh Pixar, you ol’ charmers! Carl’s escape in a balloon-laden house is a victory for the little man being harassed by monstrous developers. Carl, Dug, Russell and Kevin may be an odd bunch, but their robust hearts carry them through. Celebrate with a shriek of ‘Squirrel!’2. The GooniesA scruffy gang vanquish the evil Fratelli family and rescue the Goon Docks. Children quash the selfish desires of profit-hungry adults. Sloth is evidence that ugly does not always mean evil. Chunk doesn’t die of Baby Ruth withdrawal symptoms. Hurrah!1. The Shawshank RedemptionFrank Darabont’s prison epic is proof that, with the perseverance of one stoic Andy Dufresne, you can emerge clean from a shit-encrusted tunnel. With Red as a sage soulmate, patient Andy doesn’t succeed with bombast or foolhardiness. Doff your cap to the man who flicks a finger at a brutal and inhumane prison system!