Top Ten Creepy Children in Film

10. Kevin McCallister (Home Alone)Kevin, the most resourceful child in movie history, was determined to inflict as much pain as he could on intruders when a simple call to the police would have done. That impossibly big-lipped smile of satisfaction never fails to send a shiver down your spine.9. Gage Creed (Pet Sematary [sic])In this Stephen King adaptation, Gage dies in a car accident, is buried in a cursed cemetery and returns, waxy-skinned and dead-eyed, to kill his family. Vintage Gage.8. Samara Morgan (The Ring)Possibly a bit annoyed at her father for keeping her in a barn attic, Samara was determined to kill everybody who saw her childhood home videos, because that makes sense.7. The Grady Twins (The Shining)Their infamous line, “Come play with us Danny, forever and ever and ever,” is one of the most eerie quotes in the movie, and possibly of any horror movie ever. Stephen King seems to have a thing for creepy children.6. Dalton Lambert (Insidious)After not heeding proper ladder procedure at his FÁS Safe Pass course, Dalton slips into a coma, where he becomes a vessel for a vengeful demon. That is exactly why FÁS has these procedures in place.5. Damian (The Omen)Damian was, among other things, responsible for the suicide of his nanny at the age of five and the impaling of a priest. He also the only child in the history of cinema to make a tricycle menacing.4. Regan MacNeil (The Exorcist)Is her ability to spider-walk down the stairs, turn her head 360° and pale complexion not a turn-on for anybody else?

3. Young Mike Myers (Halloween)The young Mike was damningly described as: “with this blank, pale, emotionless face and the blackest eyes... I realised what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply... evil”. He was six years old at the time.2. Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense)Deemed too creepy by society, Cole is forced to hang out with imaginary friends, and they don’t even like him.1. All the children (Children of the Corn)A cult of children killing all the adults in a town for sacrifice, this film is an adaptation of; you’ve guessed it, a Stephen King novel. The man has some serious unresolved childhood issues.