Top Ten - Antiheroes

10. Patrick Bateman – American Psycho (2000)Über yuppie Bateman’s gleeful butchering of prostitutes and dogs alike is only eclipsed, in terms of repugnance, by his shameless touting of Heuy Lewis’ macabre oeuvre.9. James Bond – Any James Bond film (1962 - present)Taking misanthropy and misogyny to a new, almost ecclesiastical level, and equipped with exploding toothpaste and the charisma of a back issue of GQ, 007 has, we will gruntingly admit, demonstrated a certain altruism on some notable occasions.8. Katsuro – The Human Centipede (2010)Critics will surely concur when we say that a sure-fire way to subvert the image of the classical hero is to portray him on all fours, defecating in the mouth of a squealing American tourist.7. Raoul Duke – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)Based loosely on real-life antihero of journalism Hunter S. Thompson himself, acid-singed Duke and his similarly disposed attorney hurtle towards Las Vegas via Bat Country in the vain pursuit of a plot.6. William Foster – Falling Down (1993)Throughout this sweaty explosion feast, Michael Douglas’s Foster raises questions about modern society; questions of which the pertinence is undermined somewhat, however, by his bazooka-brandishing delivery.  Oh what, you’ve seriously never fantasised about shooting hole in the ceiling while queuing in a McDonalds?5. Rentboy – Trainspotting (1996)Skag fiend Renton’s opium-addled philosophical slurrings add charm and colour to this masterpiece, as he leads us by the veins on a bleary, murky tour that encompasses Edinburgh’s darkest subcultures, Ewan McGregor’s flaccid penis, and the fragility of friendship.4 ‘’Dirty’’ Harry Callahan – Dirty Harry (1971)He’s an unruly, right-wing cop who eats individual rights fried for breakfast, and who maintains that moving one’s mouth is sign of weakness, but dammit, chief, does he get the job done. Perhaps he means only to enlighten with his repeated suggestions of anal insertion.3. Heathcliffe – Wuthering Heights (1939)As if you’ve never, when a certain damsel has proven unobtainable, considered endeavouring to tie the knot with her sister-in-law in order to piss her off.2. Lester Burnham – American Beauty (1999) Even the devout pessimists among us will admit that when you find yourself lifting weights alone and stoned in your garage in order to persuade your daughter’s school friends to have sex with you, life has taken a murderous turn for the worst.1. Humbert Humbert – Lolita (1962) Vladimir Nabokov’s erudite fille-fondler Humbert is the quintessential antihero. Narcissistic, condescending, and sexually eccentric, he is redeemed somewhat by his eloquence and earnestness in the most human of Kubrick’s films.Stephen Connolly