They’re cute, cuddly and sometimes not to be trusted – Stephen Allen looks at the top ten animal sidekicks to be found in film

10. Damien’s Dog (The Omen)

Did your dog hypnotise your nanny into killing herself because it believed you were the Anti-Christ? Yeah, so did mine, that was an awkward moment.

9. Hooch (Turner & Hooch)

You know, that one with Tom Hanks and the dog. Three guesses for which one I’m talking about. Yes, the one named after a popular term for alcohol. And, yes, this dog will damage your liver… by eating it.

8. Artax (Neverending Story)

Let’s go on an adventure, Artax! No, I don’t want to go to the swamps of sadness again. You always get sucked into it because of your depression. Why is my horse depressed?! Why do we even hang out anymore? *gunshot*

7. Amy Adams (Underdog)

BAM! This is what you get for not responding to my proposals, Amy! Please don’t judge me…

6. Every Dog (Hotel for Dogs)

Hey, they managed to stay in that movie until the end, while keeping the acceptable levels of Disney cuteness. Most sentient creatures and some furniture would have imploded by then.

5. Toto (Wizard of Oz)

Fought flying monkeys, hopped dimensions and even got paid double what the munchkins were earning. What more do you want? Yes, I would’ve gone with the flying monkeys too.

4. Gus & Jaq (Cinderella)

You know, the mice who no one can remember the names of and only know them as the fat one and the skinny one. Quick! Try to remember which one is which. Here’s a hint; Jaq is the French one.

3. Samantha (I Am Legend)

Sam hunted vampire/zombie things and managed to out-act Will Smith in life and death, but mostly death. Also, she hung out with him in a bath-tub while Smith clutched his shotgun… moving swiftly along!

2. Dug (Up)

Well, this dog is… Wait a minute! ‘Dug Up’. Do you see what they did there? I must tell the people! Also, he’s cute and funny.

1. Abu (Aladdin)

He’s a monkey, need I say any more? He could talk, dance and understand the existential dilemma of being changed into an elephant. Although, he might steal everything you own and leave you for dead. Truly, man’s best friend.