Get out your Union Jack and load up your Oyster card, as Nicole Casey takes you through the Top Five things to see and do in London.

Kings Cross Station

Although a bit further out than most top tourist spots tend to be, fans of the boy wizard will not pass up a chance to sit atop the half a trolley passing through the wall of platform 9¾. Expect a few weird looks, but if anyone bothers you can just curse them.

The West End

Some people couldn’t dream of visiting London without a trip to the West End, others wouldn’t poke a musical with a ten foot pole. However, theatre is what London is made of, and no trip could possibly be complete without a hop, skip, or full on jump into the musical district of London Town. So whether you’re dreaming a dream of Les Miserables, fighting the darkness of the music of the Phantom, or just can’t stop the Hairspray beat, the West End is the place to be.

The London Bridge Experience

Directly opposite the much better known London Dungeons, the London Bridge Experience is often overlooked by tourists eager to fill up an afternoon in favour of the Dungeons, Ripley’s, or even Madame Tussauds (though why anyone would fancy a day looking at Justin Bieber made of wax is beyond me). Rather, an afternoon in London should be spent in unrivalled terror which is exactly what the London Bridge Experience has to offer. Think of it as Horrible Histories for the family: enough education and gore for the kids, with enough innuendos to keep the adults entertained. This, coupled with the additional London Tombs extravaganza, a terrifying blackout experience, makes for a truly memorable afternoon for both kids and adults.

Victoria’s Secret

Ever seen girls walking around with “love pink” plastered across their clothing? Well, Victoria’s Secret is to thank for that, and the newly opened Bond Street store in the heart of London will indulge your every “pink” need. No trip to London would be complete without one of those little pink bags and, of course, if bedazzled trackies aren’t your thing, there’s always two floors of perfume & underwear, as well as the elusive top floor Angel Suite to satisfy your desires.

Covent Garden

Home of the Sanctuary Spa, the Theatre Royal, and the biggest collection of buskers you’ll ever set your eyes on, Covent Garden is like the George’s Arcade of London. Take the Piccadilly line to the station that’s 16 stories deep underground; Take the lift, trust me. If you follow the street entertainment you’ll end up at the Apple Market, filled with absolutely everything you could possibly make by hand, and surrounded by an assortment of unusual shops; David & Goliath, Paperchase, and Sass & Belle to name a few. And if shopping isn’t what you’re after, there’s always cupcakes. Who can say no to cupcakes?