Top 10 Unintentionally Scary Films

10. Charlie and the Chocolate FactorySo, is Willy Wonka trying to find an heir or just messing with these children’s innocence? The crazy LSD boat ride is there for no other reason than to horrify unsuspecting kids, everyone nearly dies in really horrible ways, and Oompa Loompas are just terrifying. Especially when you meet them in town on a night out.9. Alice in WonderlandCreepy twins who live in the forest, a cat with a serial killer smile, a giant stoned caterpillar and the Red Queen threatening to chop off your head. Yeah, real wholesome family stuff here.8. LabyrinthThe entire movie is centred on a man who abducts a baby in order to score Jennifer Connelly. First, however, he must scare her shitless by throwing her down a mountain, trapping her in a magic ball and perverting the laws of physics. David Bowie’s hair alone could scar anyone for life.7. Return to OzWhile The Wizard of Oz wasn’t entirely as happy-sunshine as you may remember, its sequel is leagues ahead in terms of bat-crazy nightmares. Flying monkeys are replaced with rollerblading human/dog monstrosities, and the Wicked Witch of the West has nothing on a giant talking mountain from the depths of hell. Put all that in post-apocalyptic Oz, and Otwo never wants to sleep again.6. An Inconvenient TruthLiving in a place where it rains 367 days of the year, global warming doesn’t seem like such a big deal. Not according to Al Gore, who, with the help of a very convincing slideshow, shows us just how screwed we really are. It’s just a PowerPoint presentation, so why is it terrifying?5. Dumbo/Bambi/Pinocchio/Most Early Disney FilmsDonkey mutations, psychedelic trips involving elephants, and Bambi’s mother. Why, Walt, why? Walt Disney has to be the second most evil Walt in history.4. Toy StoryNow Cid’s Frankensteinian monstrosities are pretty freaky, but they’re merely victims of a classically deranged little boy. No, the real horror here is the realisation that your toys are alive and you never knew. Just think about that for a few minutes. They’re watching you.3. CoralineWhy is this marketed as a kid’s film? Grown men and women are perpetually terrified of this. The art style alone will make you an insomniac.2. GarfieldYou thought it was a movie about a sarcastic talking cat. Instead, it’s a slow murder wrapped up in bad CGI. So many nightmares, from which Bill Murray’s career has never really recovered.1. Justin Bieber: Never Say NeverAlthough labelled an inspiring story that gives a rare glimpse into the life of Justin Bieber, Never Say Never leaves all viewers in perpetual fear that they may wake up in some sort of Freaky Friday-esque situation as the Biebs himself. The horror, the horror!